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Brain Tumor Surgery-Open & Endoscopic

Khushi Heartcare

Brain tumours are a diverse group of tumours which may arise from the lining of the brain or the brain matter proper. These may be benign slow/non growing in some patients, or aggressively malignant in others. The treatment offered to each patient is tailored according to the size, location and behaviour of the tumour. Generally, the primary aim for most brain tumours is maximum safe resection. This involves a surgeon removing maximum part of the tumour (if not all of it all the time) in such a way that the patient post operative quality of life & functions can be preserved for the longest possible duration.

The duration of surgery & time needed for post op recovery is also widely varied and is influenced by the complexity of the tumour location and its characteristics. Your doctor should be able to give you a fare idea of the inherit specifics of your case upon consultation.

Endoscopy and endoscope assisted surgery: This is a form of minimally invasive brain surgery using a long tube, which helps to closely visualize the tissue through small openings in difficult to reach areas. This tool can be used in various brain surgeries to precisely reach the target location without damaging the adjacent structures.